University of Illinois—Girls' Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering and Science



Conducted at the University of Illinois-Urbana, GAMES enables high school girls to explore science and engineering through demonstrations, classroom presentations, hands-on activities and meetings with professional women in relevant fields. The Structures program introduces girls entering grades 9 and 10 to civil engineering basics, and campers design and construct bridges, water towers or boats. Also serving girls entering grades 9 and 10, the robotics camp explores computer technology and hands-on robotic development. The bio-imaging program for girls entering grades 9-11 explores biomedical imaging, optics and image analysis. In the chemical engineering program, girls entering grades 9-11 learn about developing medical advances and alternative energy sources in University of Illinois laboratories. Three programs serve students entering grades 10-12: one focusing on aerospace engineering; another on electrical engineering; and a third on energy generation, conversion and efficiency.

General Info

Name University of Illinois—Girls' Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering and Science
Location Urbana, IL
Year-round Contacts 217-244-3817
Program Focuses & Features Computer Science, Crafts, Dance, Engineering, Math, Music, Science, Swimming
Grade Range (rising grades) 9-12
Age Range Residential — Girls Ages 14-18
Application Deadline April
Director Kris Ackerman, Director
Residential Fee $1050, 1 week.
Year Established 1998
Dates & Sessions 1 session, 1 week long


Kris Ackerman, Director