Winchendon School Summer Semester English Immersion Program



Featuring intensive, structured instruction in and out of the classroom, Summer Semester helps students wishing to improve their English proficiency through a combination of English immersion, classroom study and experiential learning. Boys and girls choose from four levels of ESL instruction: beginning, intermediate, advanced and transition (a bridge course to mainstream English). Faculty devote the entire school day to English instruction in a variety of contexts. Classes seek to develop vocabulary, reading comprehension, oral and written communicational skills, and subject-specific terminology. Experiential education takes the form of afternoon excursions, lectures and student interviews of local citizens.

General Info

Name Winchendon School Summer Semester English Immersion Program
Location Winchendon, MA
Year-round Contacts 800-622-1119
Program Focuses & Features Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Drawing, ESL, English, Golf, Math, Painting, Science, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis
Grade Range (rising grades) 8-12
Age Range Residential — Coed Ages 13-18
Application Deadline June
Director Elliot Harvey, Director
Residential Fee $3600-6500 (+$100-150), 3-6 weeks.
Year Established 1973
Dates & Sessions July-Aug; 1 session, 6 weeks long


Elliot Harvey, Director