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How to Transition from High School to College

Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, Director of Admissions, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

As if getting into college wasn't stressful enough, the transition from high school to campus can be stressful too! Here's how to manage it. read more

How International Students Can Culturally Prepare for Studying in the United States

Student, Northwestern University

From one international student to another, here is a list of mental preparations you should think through before you leave. read more

Reverse Culture Shock

Assistant Director of Admissions, International Recruitment, University of Missouri

Culture shock is a term you've likely heard as you considered studying overseas. But many students also experience "reverse culture shock" when they return home after many months or even years spent in the United States. read more

The Magic of a Mentor: Ensure a Successful Transition to College

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Mercy College

As you look ahead to graduating from high school and transitioning to college life, you may be experiencing confidence and uncertainty, excitement and anxiety--sometimes all at once! A mentor can help you through this this exciting if a little stressful time. read more

I'm having trouble adjusting to college life; what should I do?

by and

First, don't panic! You may not know it now, but many before you have gone through this same process with many of the same feelings you have now. read more

How do transfer students get to know other students on campus?


There are lots of ways to get acquainted with your new classmates. Facebook and other social networking sites provide an online way to meet people even before you get there. Think about getting involved as soon as you arrive on campus with clubs or sports that interest you so that you can begin to build your network of friends. read more