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Why Colleges Want Ambitious and Dynamic Students

President and Founder of College Connections

The college admission process can be overwhelmingly competitive, so it is essential for students to distinguish themselves and stress their additional activities. read more

Affirmative Action Still a Pressing Issue in College Admission

Magazine Journalism Major, Boston University

An update on the Fisher vs. University of Texas case taking place at the Supreme Court. read more

What the Muppets Taught me About College

Editor, Carnegie Communications

The muppets got our editor thinking about those life lessons and how they applied to college students. Here's what we can learn about college (and life) from those beloved puppets. read more

The Pros and Cons of Applying Early

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

The early bird gets the worm. Or does it? This trite old adage might hold true at breakfast buffets and sample sales, but when it comes to college applications, this may not be the case. read more

Campus Visit Do's and Don'ts

Founder and CEO, IvyWise, LLC

Spring is a great time for high school juniors to visit college campuses. Here are some do's and don'ts that students and their parents need to know before visiting universities. read more