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How Should I Prepare for a Virtual Admission Interview?

Since the coronavirus pandemic, many colleges have switched from in-person interviews to virtual ones. Make sure yours goes smoothly with this expert advice!


How Can I Trim Down My College Essay?

Are you finishing up your admission essay, but it's just too long for the word count requirements? Our experts have advice for trimming it down!


How Influential Is a Name-Brand College?

You may be wowed by the name recognition of certain institutions, but there are many other factors to consider when choosing a college. Learn more here.

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Should I Ace Easy Classes or Push Myself in Hard Ones?

Is it smarter to take easy classes to boost your GPA or challenge yourself but risk lower grades in harder classes? Our experts have the answer!

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Do I Need to Submit Supplemental Materials With My College Applications?

Should you send in supplemental materials with your college applications? It depends—but you should definitely follow any directions given by the school.

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How Many Extracurriculars Should I Participate in to Impress Colleges?

Turns out you don't need to join nine clubs to stand out to colleges! Our experts explain why you shouldn't stretch yourself thin when it comes to activities.

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How Do Federal and Private Education Loans Differ?

While both options lend you money to help cover college costs, there are some significant differences between federal and private loans you need to know.

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When Should I Apply to College?

The college application process can elicit feelings of excitement and anxiety, but applying early can help ease the worry and put you on the right track.


What Is the Common Application?

Students have probably heard about the Common Application before, but what exactly is it? And should you be using it for college? Our experts have the answer.


How Should Freshmen Prepare for the College Search?

It's never too early to start thinking about college! Learn what you can do as early as your freshman year with this expert advice.

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