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Portfolios, Home Tests, and Other Special Art School Applications


If you're planning on applying to an art or architecture school, be prepared for a few extra requirements along with your typical college application. read more

A Star is Born

Editor, Porter Sargent Handbooks

Natalie Portman earned rave reviews--and an Academy Award--for her performance as a brilliant but troubled ballerina in the 2009 psychological thriller Black Swan. But convincingly portraying a world-class dancer with the moves to match took more than a few weeks of practicing her pliƩs and pirouettes: Portman actually began studying ballet as a teenager at Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts summer camp. read more

Lights. Camera. College Audition!

Founder and President, Smart College Visit, Inc.

The competitiveness of college admission takes on a whole new dimension when auditions become part of the process. If musical theatre or acting is the path you're heading down, then you may want to scope out the performance groups and facilities when you visit campus. read more

How competitive are most performing arts programs or fine or visual arts programs?


Most are very selective. However, just like with colleges, some more so than others. read more

What can I expect during my college admission audition?


Generally, a small panel of faculty members from the appropriate department will view your audition. You are expected to be well prepared. If there is a script or musical piece, it is nice to have copies of those available for the panel. read more

How should I prepare for my audition for admission?


Research the specific audition requirements for those colleges on your list that have auditions. Pay close attention to deadlines and locations of the auditions. Practice a lot and record your work. read more