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How to Start Your Dorm Life Like a Boss

Living in a dorm is a huge part of the college freshman experience. Here are 11 ways to help you adjust to college and dorm life like a pro.

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5 Good Habits to Help Curb Procrastination in College

It's easy to procrastinate in college, especially when the amount of work you have feels insurmountable. You can overcome this bad habit with these five tips.

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Where and How to Find Free Events in College

The life of a cash-strapped student doesn't have to be a mundane one. Check out these free entertainment ideas and how to find out what's happening on your campus.

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Top 5 Tips for Having the Best College Experience

Who isn't trying to live their best life in college? Here are five tips from a student who's been there so you can easily have the best college experience ever!

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Why It's Crucial to Care for Your Mental Health in College

With the excitement of freshman year, some college students neglect their mental health. Here are some ways to preserve your health and have a great semester.

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The Best Ways to Make Your College Campus Visits More Fun

Are all those campus visits tiring you out? Here are a few ways to make them a little more entertaining...including a rousing game of Campus Visit Bingo!

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The Best On-Campus Resources for International Students

Planning to attend university in the States? Check out these useful resources for international students, available right on campus!


5 Inexpensive Date Ideas for College Students on Valentine's Day

When you want to do something special for Valentine's Day but your wallet disagrees, check out these budget-friendly date ideas.


The College Student's Ultimate Bucket List

Here are 10 things every college student should do this year that are sure to create lasting memories.

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From Mold to Mice: How to Deal With Dorm Room Issues

Bedbugs, mold, mice,'s what students and parents need to do when faced with dorm room maintenance issues like these.


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