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How to Navigate and Excel at a Job Interview on Zoom

Founding Partner, Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search

Job interviews are already stressful, but now you have to adapt to them online? Here's how you can prepare for a virtual interview. read more

Why Continuing Education Programs Might Be the Right Choice for You

Freelance Writer

Extension schools. You might've seen the ads: Online options! Flexibility for working professionals! Ivy-league education in the evenings! Are they right for you? read more

General Education Requirements: What's the Point?

Former Assistant Editor, Online Specialist, Carnegie Communications

Many students think courses unrelated to their majors are completely pointless. Turns out, those gen ed requirements are a lot more important than you think. read more

The Undecided Major Debate

Interactive Marketing Coordinator, Carnegie Communications

Is college about focusing on a career early, or is it about learning a broad range of skills? Some colleges value starting students down the career path early, while others believe in letting students take time to choose a major. read more