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Catholic Educational Heritage: Franciscan

Saint Francis University

Catholic colleges in the Franciscan tradition seek to help young people find their calling and identity. They also teach students to use and grow in their God-given gifts--all in the spirit of the life of St. Francis. read more

Catholic Educational Heritage: Holy Cross

St. Edward's University

Holy Cross universities respect the dignity and individuality of each student, while helping them cultivate an international perspective and sense of social justice. read more

Students on a Mission

Service Learning Manager, Maryknoll Lay Missioners

Whether they involve building houses in rural areas of Mississippi or running a clinic in Uganda, missions have a huge impact on the people they serve--and on the missionaries themselves. read more

Catholic Educational Heritage: Dominican


A Dominican college or university carries on a centuries-old commitment to learning and spiritual, personal, and community transformation. read more

Catholic Educational Heritage: Benedictine

Saint Martin's University

Those who joined the community followed a code: the Rule of Benedict. For Benedictine schools, the Rule continues to provide a foundation for learning and living. read more

Connect the Mind and Heart by Choosing a Catholic College

Vice President for Enrollment Management, St. Mary's University

More than 200 Catholic higher education institutions in the United States prepare students for more than professional careers, they give them the tools to lead meaningful lives. read more