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What to Pack for College: The Essential List


The Ultimate College Packing Checklist! read more

Making the Move

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The move to college can be exciting and liberating. It can also be terrifying and confusing. You don't know what to bring, who you'll meet, or what to expect in those first few weeks. However, with the right preparation and a good attitude, you can survive your first steps into the collegiate world. read more

What is your process for helping students create the list of colleges to which they will apply?

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Finding colleges that will help students thrive depends on students reflecting on and identifying their aspirations, strengths, challenges, and personal preferences. read more

How to Apply for Scholarships


Think applying for scholarships is a waste of time? Think again! We'll help you navigate through the scholarship application process. read more

What should I be looking for during my campus visits?


The campus visit is the most important action you can take to determine whether a college is a good fit for you. You should spend four years there, so it is worth investing some shoe leather, rubber, or plastic in checking it out! read more