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How to Shortlist Your Prospective Graduate Programs

CollegeXpress Student Writer, New York University

Have a long list of prospective graduate schools? Here's everything you should consider to find the best program for you. read more

Attending a Different University vs. the Same University for Grad School

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Where will you pursue your graduate studies: at the same school where you earned your undergraduate degree, or at a different university? Two grad school students offer the pros and cons of each decision and how to make the best of it. read more

Comparing Programs


While it's no doubt exciting to have the entire graduate school selection process ahead of you, it can also be rather intimidating! read more

Master's vs Ph.D.


You know you want an advanced degree, but just how advanced? Keep reading to discover the key differences between master's and doctoral degrees. read more

Finding the Right Grad School Fit


The suit you wear to a job interview needs to fit perfectly, and so does the graduate school that prepares you for what comes after that interview. read more