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Fill Empty Résumés with Campus Activities

Freelance Writer

You're a freshman, just getting used to the college life. No need to think about your career now, right? Wrong! I don't mean that you have to get worried and consumed with your degree and exactly what you're going to do with it, but resist the urge to put your career plans off until later. Dive in right away. read more

Cool Campus Clubs and Student Organizations

Public Relations Associate, Carnegie Communications

The spice of student life is often linked to the range of campus clubs and student organizations offered at colleges and universities. read more

Is Social Media Hurting Your College Acceptance Chances?

Market Research Senior Analyst, Carnegie Communications

There are many things to think about during the application process, but there's something you may overlook--your Facebook page. read more

Intramural Sport Opportunities for Everyone

Assistant Director, Department of Campus Recreation, University of California, Davis

Students come to a university or college campus primarily to obtain an education and fine-tune the skills needed in today's global economy. However, career success frequently requires talents beyond those developed in the classroom. read more