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Empowered by Perspective: Top Tips for Minority and First-Gen College Students

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Stanford University

For minority, first-generation, and low-income students, preparing for college can be daunting. But this advice from their peers can help! read more

College Mailings: Form Letters, Brochures, and Emails

CollegeXpress Student Writer

You no longer need to be scared of that stack of college letters and brochures! Well, except for paper cuts. read more

Your Road Map to Senior Year Success

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Campbell University

Buckle up, y'all. This newly minted college student explains how to make your senior year of high school the best one yet. read more

10 Life Lessons Students Can Learn From Miley Cyrus

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

Miley Cyrus has been making headlines lately, sometimes for all the wrong reasons. Read on for a few lessons you can learn from the pop star's recent shenanigans. read more

From Private School to a Public College

Assistant Editor, Online Specialist, Carnegie Communications

What's it like going from a small private high school to a big, intimidating public university? Learn from someone who experienced it! read more

You Can Only Pick Two . . .

Editor, Carnegie Communications

Pick two: sleep, fun, or good grades. Wait . . . does college actually work like that? Well, not exactly! read more

Perception is Reality for a College Student

Journalism Major, University of Arizona

Have you heard the phrase "perception is reality?" It may be cliché, but for college students, it rings true! read more

The Clean Slate of College

Writer for ParentsandColleges.com

Here are a few things that you should enter college with, from the pragmatic to the psychological. read more

A Freshman Reflection

Journalism Major, University of Arizona

Sage advice for freshmen starting college this fall: just do you! read more

Comparing Public Colleges: Big vs. Small Schools


You probably know the saying "big fish in a small pond." What about small fish in a big pond? Or medium-sized ponds? Old adages aside, school size and student population can greatly influence your university experience. read more