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How to Beat Winter Stress Senior Year of High School

Student, Urbana High School

The stretch between January and February can be one of the most stressful parts of high school. These tips can help you stay sane. read more

Picking a College: It's All About Priorities

Community Relations Specialist, University of Southern California

What are some key considerations when choosing the school you'll attend? read more

Benefits of a Diverse Campus

Broadcast Journalism Major, Boston University

Choosing your future school is obviously a personal choice, so it's important do what will make you most comfortable and enjoy the experience! But for those students unsure of whether or not to attend a school with a lot of variety or the same mix of people, here's some reasons why I find it important to focus on college diversity when applying or deciding on colleges. read more

The NCAA Division Quiz: Where Do You Want to Go?

Senior Assistant Editor, Scholarship Manager, Wintergreen Orchard House

Let's get you thinking about the different NCAA Division colleges! Pick the answer that you feel most comfortable with when you think of what type of college or university where you think you'll thrive the most. What type of campus will match your interests? Division I, Division II, or Division III? read more

Transfer Does Not Mean Failure

Assistant Editor, Online Specialist

This series of blog posts I wanted to call Zen and the Art of Transferring, but I have a feeling nobody would read it. It is around this time in the semester when students, especially freshmen, are realizing that the colleges they chose might not be right for them. Don't panic. read more

How to Start Your College Search


Locating the "right" college--and there is almost certainly more than one "right" college--starts and ends with you! read more

Why I Chose a State School Over the Ivy League


At 10 years old I saw my future path headed toward Yale and then to law school and eventually the presidency. At 11, Harvard replaced Yale as my school du jour and this pattern continued quite unobstructed for the next five years. read more