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5 Questions to Answer Before Becoming a College Athlete

Digital Advertising Associate, Carnegie Dartlet

You have a lot of options as a student-athlete, so how do you narrow them down? Here are five questions to ask yourself as you start the college search. read more

Public Universities: What's in a Name?

Admissions Counselor, Clemson University

Public schools can often be overlooked by students and parents because their names create assumptions that aren't true--by a long shot. But there's more behind the names than you may realize. read more

Scholarships for the Future College Athlete

Senior Assistant Editor, Scholarship Manager, Wintergreen Orchard House

"Every year scholarships go unused just because no one applied? That's wasted money!" Maybe you've seen that line on the CollegeXpress homepage. Sounds a little crazy, but in the world of scholarship applications, it's true. read more