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Why It's Important to Get Involved in Small Groups

Blogger, Elementary Education Student, UNC Chapel Hill

The importance of Christian community while at a university that isn't religiously affiliated is inexplicably crucial. However, getting involved on campus, while important, is not the only way to stay grounded in your faith. read more

Christian Activities on Campus


Just because you're a Christian, it doesn't mean you're required to attend a Christian college. read more

Why Choose a Christian College?

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Messiah College

To learn, to grow, to explore, to change the world read more

Should You Attend a Christian College or University?

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Should you attend a Christian college or university? This question has probably entered your mind more than once since you started your college search. If you have yet to consider it, then perhaps it's time you should. read more

Catholic Educational Heritage: Sisters of Saint Joseph

Editor, Carnegie Communications

There are several orders of nuns associated with education that founded and now run many colleges and universities across the United States. read more

What factors should I consider if I am interested in attending a Christian college?


Research has shown statistically significant declines in the religious attitudes, values, and behaviors of students during their college years. Attending a Christian college can counteract that trend by enhancing your spiritual growth as well as shaping your personal and professional growth from a Christian perspective. read more

The Top 10 Myths About Attending University in America

Director, International Student Services, Pepperdine University

Many students who come to study in America have expectations about campus life shaped by television and movies, or by offhand comments from well-meaning friends and family. Here's the truth behind some of the most common myths. read more

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition

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As the years passed, the more I learned about Catholicism, the more I became engrossed. read more

How does campus life differ on a Christian college campus from a secular campus?

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While most colleges offer students a chance to explore issues of faith, a Christian college incorporates that process into their curriculum and sees that it is an obvious part of life on campus. read more