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Understanding the Dangers and Benefits of Credit Cards

Writer, Debt.org

Credit cards: convenience or crutch? Know how to use yours to your benefit--and not your financial undoing. read more

How to Be Awesome: A Cheat Sheet for College Students


Here are our top tips for kicking butt and taking names in college, from the academic to the social and everything in between! read more

Family Finances: Are You On the Right Path?

Author; Publicity Expert

Some insider insights regarding balancing your family's finances--more important than ever when planning and paying for college! From the book Mastering the Mommy Track: Juggling Career and Kids In Uncertain Times by Erin Flynn Jay. read more

Scholarships for the Future College Athlete

Senior Assistant Editor, Scholarship Manager, Wintergreen Orchard House

"Every year scholarships go unused just because no one applied? That's wasted money!" Maybe you've seen that line on the CollegeXpress homepage. Sounds a little crazy, but in the world of scholarship applications, it's true. read more

How to Deal With Big Setbacks During Your College Search

Market Research Senior Analyst, Carnegie Communications

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Study Abroad Tips for Science Majors

Scholarship Search Strategist, College Prep Ready

Participating in study abroad programs will be difficult because of demanding science course schedules, but you can take advantage of these programs with proper planning. read more

More Than Money: Sell Your Students on the Value of a College Education

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

So if any of your students are convinced they'll make a fortune on the football field, become the next Kim Kardashian, or live off some benevolent relative's estate, try playing up these nonfinancial advantages of higher education to boost their interest in academic pursuits. read more

Examining Your Financial Health

Former Assistant Editor, Carnegie Communications

You've graduated and are now a member of the real world. Congratulations! Welcome to the land of credit, debt, and personal financial responsibility. But what exactly is credit? How do you earn it? Is it even that important? read more