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4 Smart Steps to Start Your College Search

Dean of Admission, Gonzaga University

Deciding where to go to college isn't easy. But even if you've dreamed of going to a certain school your whole life, not checking out your other options can only do you a disservice. read more

How to Start Your College Search


Locating the "right" college--and there is almost certainly more than one "right" college--starts and ends with you! read more

How has the recent economic climate affected the college admission process?

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We (counselors) have seen more concern and confusion. Parents are taking a greater role in the college admission process and they are more anxious about admittance and costs. read more

Why Choose a Christian College?

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Messiah College

To learn, to grow, to explore, to change the world read more

Get A Head Start On The Future at an Institute Of Technology

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"Which college do you think I'd like?" asked my neighbor the other day. He's good at math, likes history, and thinks he wants to study engineering. He also plays soccer and trumpet and volunteers in the community. What he wants most from college is to study in an exciting environment that will prepare him for his future--wherever it may lead. read more

Should You Attend a Christian College or University?

Advertising and Communications Assistant, Simpson University

Should you attend a Christian college or university? This question has probably entered your mind more than once since you started your college search. If you have yet to consider it, then perhaps it's time you should. read more

Considering Public Colleges & Universities: Why Go Public?

Associate Vice President of Planning, Enrollment Management, and Student Affairs, California State University, East Bay

Why should you study at a public college or university? In short, they offer a huge variety of experiences and unparalleled opportunities for learning, career preparation, and meaningful social and cultural development--all at an affordable cost! read more

Find a College You'll Love


If you're like most college-bound students, you want to get into the best school you possibly can. But too often, "best" means "most selective" instead of a place where you'll thrive academically and socially. read more