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7 Steps to Finding Your US University

International Admissions, Boston University

American universities are as diverse as the many countries of the world. So how can you know if you'll feel at home at a school halfway around the globe? Going through these steps is a good way to start! read more

Attending University in Canada

Print Media Assistant, York University

A popular destination for students from around the world, Canada offers globally recognized, exceptional academic institutions, boasting world-class scholars, cutting-edge research, and sophisticated technology. read more

Why Study in the United States?

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, The University of Chicago

What does a U.S. education offer to an international student that is distinctive from other universities and colleges around the globe? read more

Starting Your U.S. University Adventure

Assistant Director of Admission, Carnegie Mellon University

Your success as a student in America hinges on your knowledge that your university of choice is going to fulfill your expectations, from majors to student life. read more