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The Transfer Essay: What's Your Story?

Director of Admissions, Grove City College

How do you get started on your transfer essay? Keep reading to find out. read more

4 Myths About Getting into the Ivy League and Other Selective Colleges

Founder and President, CollegePrep360; Author

Here, an Ivy League insider debunks five popular misconceptions about selective college admission. Read on for tips that will help you "think like an Ivy League admission officer" and understand how the selection process really works. read more

The Most Confusing Parts of the College Application Process

Student, Judge Memorial Catholic High School

Applying to college is stressful enough already. The last thing you need is to be confused by the logistics of submitting your applications! read more

College Admission Process, Step-by-Step


When you break the college search down into steps, it's really not that scary. (We swear!) read more

The College Admission Process Part III: Application Essays

Student, Morehead State University

In the third installment of this college admission timeline series, Emily tackles one of the most difficult parts of the college application process: admission essays. read more

Navigating the Graduate School Application Process

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, Director of Graduate Enrollment Services, Marymount University

You found the perfect grad school . . . now you just have to apply. An admission expert shares her top four tips for doing so. read more

How to Make a Strong College Application Video

Vice President of Programs, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

A video can be a great way to enhance your college application. Here's how to make yours shine. read more

Q&A: Universal College Applications

Assistant Director, Business Development, ApplicationsOnline, LLC

Have you heard of the Universal College Application? Well, prepare to be informed. It's comparable to the Common Application, and though a smaller number of schools accept it, you may find it's the right choice for you. Here, a UCA representative breaks the application down. read more

Who can help me complete my financial aid forms?


Applying for college financial aid can be complicated, but here's a suggestion that is so simple you might actually overlook it. If you and your family need help completing the forms, ask for it. read more

Advice for College from Higher Ed Experts: John Chopka, Admission

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Messiah College

How can students get a leg up in their college search? What makes an application stand out? And what are admission counselors really thinking when they look at those applications, anyway? John Chopka, VP for Enrollment Management at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, answers our questions. read more