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How to Turn an Internship Into a Full-Time Job


Love the company you're interning at so much you want to work there forever (or at least a few years)? Check out these tips on how to make that happen! read more

Video: How to Land an Internship


Molly goes over the importance of having an internship on your resume and how you can get one. read more

Post-College Advice for the Unemployed

Graduate, Davidson College

Finals are over. Grades are in. The walk has been taken and tassels are turned. You've spent the last four years (give or take a few) completing what many won't: college. Over three million students graduate from college every year, entering into the post-college world. It's exciting and scary all at the same time, and you may be a bit flustered by what to expect. Here are five things you can do, despite the economy, to boost your lifetime career goals. read more

What looks better on a résumé: an internship or a cooperative education position?


I'm not sure it really matters. What looks best on a résumé is substantive experience. read more