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Overcoming College Interview "Stage Fright"

Student, Community Academy of Science and Health

Leading up to my college interview was one of the most nerve-wrecking times of my high school career. "Stage fright" was a gross understatement. read more

College Admission Interviews: Everything You Need to Know

Admission Counselor, Wells College

Preparing for any interview can be challenging, but what about an interview at your dream college or university? Here an admission insider gives his top tips for knocking their socks off. read more

9 College Admission Myths, Busted!


You've heard a lot about the college search process over the years. Some of it helpful, but some pure malarkey. read more

The Hardest Admission Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them!)

Assistant Editor, Noodle

What do you do when an admission interviewer throws you a curveball? read more

3 Tips for Personal Branding in the Career Search

Assistant Director of Professional Development and Involvement, Washington State University Carson College of Business

Just as creating a brand identity is important to businesses, creating a personal brand can distinguish job seekers against other candidates. read more

Where the #@&$ Is My Job Offer?! How Social Media Can Hurt Your Job Search

Motivational Humorist, Trainer, Author, and Entrepreneur

In our interwebbed world, it's important to have an appropriate online presence, especially when it comes to getting a job. read more

How to Get Informational Interviews

Vice Chairman, CRT Capital Group; Author

Approached in a smart way, informational interviews can expand your network, bolster your knowledge of your intended field, help you hone your "personal salesmanship" skills, and even help you land that coveted job interview. read more

How might an online/webcam interview differ from one in person?


The biggest difference between an in-person and a video interview is that the video interviewee does not necessarily have the opportunity to judge the responses and attitudes of the interviewer. read more

One-on-One with Higher Ed Experts: Jonathan Blake Huer, Career Search

Author; Director of Emerging Technologies, Ball State University

In our latest expert one-on-one conversation, Jonathan Blake Huer shares his top tips for setting yourself up for success in your post-grad job search. read more

How should I start the internship search, and who can I turn to for help?

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First, make sure your résumé is in tip-top shape. If you have limited work experience, focus on other personal attributes (reliability, computer skills, leadership in athletics, etc.) that demonstrate how you are different from and better than other candidates. read more