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How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance


Looking for some ways to save some money? Your car insurance can be an easy way to save money with little effect on your everyday life. Find out how. read more

Rev Run Wisdom and Bold Moves in Your Job Search

Freelance Writer

Sometimes, you just have to go for it. Rev Run recently tweeted something that I found particularly inspirational. He said, "My schedule for life: find all the good in life...praise it...and watch everything else fall in place." That's the theme to this post and my recent couple of weeks--sometimes, if you want something badly enough, you have to take that risk and hope that everything comes together as it should. read more

Pay Off Graduate School Debt


Unfortunately for most graduate students, the debt they have after earning their degree is a simple fact of life. What is not so simple for many is how to repay it. read more

Internships and Co-ops for Transfer Students


When you're busy transferring to a new school, it's easy to push the thought of finding an internship to the back of your mind. But this is one extracurricular activity you can't afford to miss. read more