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Short-Term SAT Prep (or What to Do If Your Test Is This Week!)

Test Prep Expert, Magoosh

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How to Make Studying for Standardized Tests Fun

High School Student

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4 Tips to Test Prep Effectively

Student, Ursuline College

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Self-Quizzing: The Key to Learning Better

Educational Consultant, Research Psychologist, and Writer

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Does the SAT Measure Intelligence?


If I told you that Jack scored 1500 on the SAT, but Jill scored 2300 on the SAT, your immediate reaction is to believe that Jill is more intelligent than Jack. But is that really true? read more

Test Practice and Doing Good


No one likes studying for a test. But now, thanks to FreeRice.com, those lackluster study sessions can benefit those suffering from hunger. read more