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How to Be Awesome: A Cheat Sheet for College Students


Here are our top tips for kicking butt and taking names in college, from the academic to the social and everything in between! read more

How to Impress Your College Professors


It's not about conning your way into a better grade by buttering up the person doing the grading. It's not even about ensuring you have someone willing to write a glowing recommendation letter. Being a model student will not only impress your professors but will help you make the most of your college career too. read more

How to Get Cheaper Science Textbooks

Scholarship Search Strategist, College Prep Ready

I remember spending over $500 in one semester for my biology books. You will find that many science or health majors spend upwards of a $1,000 or more per year because they have to buy model and lab kits in addition to their textbooks. However, there are ways to cut the costs of buying textbooks. read more

The 5 Most Important Friends You Can Make in Grad School

Former Attorney; Graduate Student; Writer and Tutor, Grockit.com

Maybe you're going into a graduate program because you don't really know what else to do with your life; maybe you're going because you have a clear plan for your future career. Either way, it's likely that you're hoping to make the most of your grad school experience and then get a job after graduation. Here are five people who can help you do that. read more

How strict are college professors about tardiness?


Because we are human, we make mistakes. We actually learn better from mistakes than when things go right. The problem comes in when we make too many mistakes or make mistakes that have big-time consequences. read more

Transfer Student Survival Guide

Associate Director of Admissions, Warner Pacific College

Former baseball player Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates once said, "Life is one big transition." Nowhere is this more evident than in the life of a college transfer student. read more

Student-Faculty Research in the Social Sciences

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Participation in research enriches students' learning experiences, provides improved preparation for graduate school or work, and creates involved citizens who address community problems. The opportunities are countless, and students who seek out such experiences will be rewarded with both engaging work and increased career options. read more

Tackling the Transition From High School to College

Associate Dean of Student Development, Texas Christian University

The shift from life at home to life at school can sometimes be tough to handle, but with the right attitude and determination, the next four years will be some of the best in your life! read more