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R.N. to B.S.N. or R.N. to M.S.N.--Which is Best for Your Goals?

Freelance Writer

So you want to be a nurse. Will a B.S.N. be enough to help you reach your career goals, or will an M.S.N. propel you to the next level? read more

Infographic: Job Forecast for Nursing Graduates


Thinking of becoming a nurse? Good news: your future looks bright! read more

Nursing Now: We Want You!

Assistant Nursing Director

Scary fact: there's a shortage of nurses in the United States. But if you're considering a career in nursing, you could become part of the solution. read more

Registered Nurse: Educator, Caregiver, Life-changer


So you want to be a registered nurse? Becoming a nurse takes passion, dedication, and hours of study and clinical practice, but if you have the head--and the heart--for the profession, it can lead down many interesting paths. read more