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Top Tips for Eating Healthy on Campus

CollegeXpress Student Writer, The University of Texas at Austin

Endless pizza and French fries is living the dream...until the reality of the Freshman 15 hits. Here are a few tips to eat better on campus and avoid that dreaded curse. read more

Student Fitness: How to Get Moving in High School and College

Editorial Assistant, Carnegie Dartlet

Exercising could mean hitting the gym every few days or something entirely different to you! Here are some ways to get active in high school and college. read more

5 Realities of College Life

Student, SUNY -- Cortland

Hate to tell you, but your college fantasy is going to be a little different from your college reality. But don't sweat it! You're still going to have loads of fun. Just be sure you know what to expect. read more

How to Study for Finals

Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The end of the semester is in sight, but you'll have to get through finals first. Don't worry! We've got some tips to help you get through the last leg of the race! read more

10 Ways Students Can De-Stress

High School Student

As you're well aware, the life of a student can be intensely stressful. Take a deep breath and read on for some tips to help you chill out. read more

So You Think You Can Study?

High School Student

Unfortunately, studying isn't as simple as sitting down with a few books and magically absorbing their contents. It takes focus and discipline. Read on for some tips to help you master the fine art of studying. read more

7 Apps to Help Balance Your Health in College

Student, St. Bonaventure University

Between your classes, family and work obligations, and a bustling social life, it can be easy to forget about your health as a student. Luckily there are some apps that can help. read more

Dorm Room Exercises: 6 Moves You Can Do When You're Short on Space


Your dorm room might be cramped, but we've got a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of the space and get in a decent workout. read more

In Over Your Head: Dealing with College Stress

Student, Indiana University

Students don't have to go through stressful times alone. Here are a few resources that can help when they feel like they're in over their heads. read more

Health Reform and College Health Insurance Choices

Consumer Health Insurance Specialist, eHealthInsurance.com

If you're a college student, health reform has probably been good to you so far. However, there are changes taking effect just in time for the 2012-2013 academic year that could alter your health insurance options and might send some students scrambling for coverage. read more