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Crossing the Pond: Should Your Students Apply to Colleges in the U.K.?

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

Should your more adventurous students say "Cheerio!" to the United States and consider applying to colleges in the United Kingdom? read more

Common Financial Aid Questions Answered by an Insider

Vice Provost for Enrollment, Dean of Admissions, Vanderbilt University

Students usually have a lot of question about financial aid during the college admission process. Here are the answers to some common questions from an expert. read more

CLEP Exams Equal College Credit

Director of Business Development, Triumph College Admissions (TCA)

The College Board promotes this test with the statement, "The knowledge you've gained from your education or professional experiences can take you further than you think." This is true. CLEP can turn your current knowledge and experience into college credit(s). read more

Benefits of Transferring

Director of Admissions, Becker College

You fall back into a butterfly chair, exhausted from the anatomy exam you spent weeks prepping for. Kanye West emanates from the computer speakers, the mini-fridge buzzes, John Belushi in his College sweatshirt stares back at you from the poster hanging above your extra-long twin bed. You stare into your lava lamp, entranced by its mysticism and wonder, and you ask, Is this school the right place for me? read more

Transferring Credits in Graduate School

Former Attorney; Graduate Student; Writer and Tutor, Grockit.com

People rarely consider transferring for graduate school, and that's a shame, because many programs allow it. read more

Paying for Your Transfer

Associate Director of Admission, Southwestern University

It's official. You're in the midst of another college search. You've filled out applications, researched your schools, and talked with the admission folks. You are transferring. The next few years will prove to be challenging, rewarding, and enlightening. First, congratulations are in order! Next, it's time to investigate your financial aid options. read more

Financing Your American Education

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Lynn University

Right now, you are probably wondering how to go about obtaining financial aid and scholarships. The process can be somewhat complicated but certainly not impossible; if you are thorough in your preparation and careful about deadlines, you can enhance your chances for success. read more