10 Things Every Second-Semester High School Senior Knows to Be True


Jan   2015



It’s January, and for high school seniors across the country, the next few months are going to be some of the most fun—as well as the most exhausting—of their lives. It’s bittersweet: you’re preparing to say goodbye to the life you’ve known for the past four years, but you’re also excited to embark on new adventures after graduation. Whether you’re anxious to walk the stage and never look back or you’re clinging to your besties for dear life whilst playing your senior song on repeat, know that you’re not alone! Every second-semester high school senior is going through these same growing pains too.

1. You care a little less about your grades than you probably ought to. (Don’t forget: your college is going to want to see your final transcript!)

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2. You’re a friggin’ senior, so you feel like this when you're walking the halls:

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3. But you’re secretly kind of jealous of the freshmen. They have so much fun ahead of them!

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4. If one more person asks you about your post-high school goals . . .

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5. You’ve become a little more . . . lenient in your fashion choices.

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6. The lure of skipping class is becoming almost impossible to resist. (Don’t give in! You’re almost at the finish line!)

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7. You've mastered the art of finding ways to use your computer for literally anything other than studying.

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8. Graduation seems so close, and yet so painfully far away.

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9. And yet the idea of saying goodbye to your friends (and yeah, maybe even a few of your teachers) is absolute torture!

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10. But most of all, you’re wicked excited about everything the future holds for you!

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Stay the course, second-semester seniors! The best is yet to come!

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