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Q: Can I study science at a liberal arts college?

A: Yes, nearly every liberal arts college will offer some majors in science disciplines and many offer interdisciplinary programs like biochemistry, neuroscience and/or environmental studies. Along with the science, you get a well-rounded exposure to other more

Q: What kinds of science-related clubs and activities do colleges typically offer?

A: When looking for science-related clubs and activities at a college or university, you will find faculty members and academic departments sponsor most of the clubs. read more

Q: How can I get involved in student-faculty research as an undergrad?

A: Admission officers may be able to tell you about research opportunities that are available on a campus you are considering. Also, your campus may have an office of undergraduate research. If so, that may be the best place to look once you have matriculated as a student. read more

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Orgo Night: aka when the Columbia University Marching Band busts into the Butler Library reading room before the big Organic Chemistry exam to play as loudly as they can to, erm, inspire studying students.

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