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Q: If you retake the SAT does the higher score replace the lower score or do they average the two scores?

A: The way in which your SAT score is calculated depends upon the college you're applying to; however, averaging scores is not a common practice for undergraduate admission exams. read more

Q: Are standardized test prep courses worth it?

A: Here are three student-centric reasons why I truly believe that test prep is a valuable part of the college admission processread more

Q: Should I take both the ACT and SAT?

A: Many students agonize over whether to take the SAT or the ACT. One "solution" to this problem is taking both, right? Wrong! read more

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The Louisiana State University -- Shreveport mascot, Mike the Tiger--a live tiger--is placed in a cage and moved near the visiting team's locker room before home games, so the opposing players must pass by him ...

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