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What kinds of science-related clubs and activities do colleges typically offer?


Brock Schroeder, Ph.D.
Vice President for Enrollment Management

Malone University
When looking for science-related clubs and activities at a college or university, you will find faculty members and academic departments sponsor most of the clubs. Just about any major will have some sort of science club or a student activity group. Most of the activities focus on field trips to museums, parks, zoos, and other science facilities. You will find geology clubs that frequently go on hikes or visit caves. Engineering clubs will have design competitions. Astronomy clubs will have observing events. Biology clubs will visit zoos and gardens. Chemistry clubs will visit labs. In addition, many of these clubs will invite special lectures or have representatives from graduate programs come to present. Oftentimes, these other types of events are great opportunities to explore graduate work and career paths.

Nancy Hensel, Ed.D.
Executive Officer

Council on Undergraduate Research
(with Diane Husic, Ph.D., President, CUR)

The science departments at many institutions often have discipline-specific clubs. Some may be professional development oriented (e.g. pre-med clubs) and many do both social activities and community service.