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Health & Medicine Profile

At Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, we prepare students for high-demand careers in medicine and health sciences. The outstanding college experience you’ll discover here combines quality academics, dynamic faculty, experiential learning, personalized attention, a comfortable setting, and a vibrant social scene—all of which will help you grow both personally and academically and guide you toward a future full of incredible opportunities.

While our degree programs offer distinctly different paths, our central focus on health provides a common thread that allows all students to take advantage of the exceptional range of resources and expertise that exists at the College.

Bachelor’s degree programs
Our bachelor’s degree programs are designed for students interested in health and science. Each of our six B.S. programs provides students with the skill sets needed to stand out in today’s highly competitive marketplace.  

The Biomedical Technology program is well suited for students interested in pursuing their education in disciplines such as physician assistant studies or medicine.

The Chemistry program provides an option for a traditional chemistry degree or specialization in medicinal chemistry. Both tracks in the program abide by the guidelines published by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Graduates of the program are well qualified to pursue work in pharmaceutical research, manufacturing, or production technology or to continue their education in graduate school.

Students interested in performing laboratory tests and helping diagnose disease will find the Clinical Laboratory Sciences program a great fit, with excellent postgraduate employment opportunities.

Individuals interested in our Health and Human Sciences program will find a flexible curriculum grounded in the liberal arts with course work that includes classes in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Graduates are prepared to pursue a range of health-related career paths such as working in government agencies or public interest groups.

For students interested in gaining skills required for successful careers as research scientists, the Microbiology program provides a broad-based understanding of how this discipline and science in general can be used to meet societal needs. In one of the few bachelor’s-level programs of its kind in the nation, graduates have a wide array of career options in industry and public health as well as research opportunities.

Our Pharmaceutical Sciences program is designed for individuals interested in conducting research on new medications or discovering the underlying causes of disease. Opportunities exist to work side by side with faculty on groundbreaking research in areas such as cancer, infectious disease, and bioterrorism defense.      

Doctor of Pharmacy program
Our flagship and namesake is the Doctor of Pharmacy program. Ideal for students entering directly from high school, the Doctor of Pharmacy program prepares graduates for licensure as pharmacists. Students gain crucial hands-on experience as part of the curriculum, which may be completed in six years. During their studies, students learn in work settings such as community pharmacies, hospitals, research laboratories, pharmaceutical firms, and other health care sites.

Joint degrees
Students in each of these programs are also eligible to pursue joint degrees through agreements ACPHS has with neighboring institutions. For example, the College’s Early Assurance program with Albany Medical College provides qualified students with a guaranteed seat in medical school or the physician assistant program. Bachelor’s students may also select the pre-law option with Albany Law School, whereby you can receive your bachelor’s degree and a law degree in six years instead of seven. The campuses of Albany Medical College and Albany Law School are adjacent to ACPHS, making it easy to attend classes at either institution. Both Doctor of Pharmacy and bachelor’s students may also pursue an M.B.A. and teacher certification through Union Graduate College, with many of the classes available online. Whatever your plans after graduation, a degree from Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences will help point the way to a promising future.




Albany, New York (main campus)
Colchester, Vermont (satellite campus)

Student Body
Enrollment: 1,500

Intercollegiate programs in basketball, cross-country, soccer, and track & field

Facilities include modern labs and equipment where students have opportunities to work directly with faculty on groundbreaking research—experiences rarely afforded to undergraduates at most schools.

Opportunities to study abroad in nearly 20 countries, including China, India, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, Spain, and Switzerland

Degree Programs
• B.S. in Biomedical Technology
• B.S. in Chemistry
• B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences
• B.S. in Health and Human Sciences
• B.S. in Microbiology
• B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

• M.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences
• M.S. in Cytotechnology and Molecular Cytology
• M.S. in Health Outcomes Research
• M.S. in Molecular Biosciences
• M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

• Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

Joint-degree programs in medicine, law, and business are available through agreements with area colleges (P.A., M.D., J.D., M.S., M.B.A.).

Financial Aid
Nearly 98% of students are assisted by grants, scholarships, and loans. Awards are based on need and/or academic performance.