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7 Pro Tips for Surviving Freshman Year of College

by Krysten Gross

You can't help being an untested newbie during freshman year. But it doesn't mean you need to take being a rookie lying down. Follow these tips from an read more

9 College Admission Myths, Busted!

by Dan Bi Han

You've heard a lot about the college search process over the years. Some of it helpful, but some pure malarkey. read more

Warning! These College Application Essay Ideas DON'T Work

by Jessica Tomer

These are college application essay #FAILs waiting to happen. read more

The 2 Cornerstones of Career Success

by Susan Young

To career guru Susan Young, professional success is all about two things: communication and self-confidence. Here's her advice for rocking both. read more

The Heart of Campus Ministry

by Scott Salvato

Sure, campus ministry is about helping at church, volunteering, and sharing your faith with your peers. But it's also something much more fundamental to the read more

Unique Careers for Visual Arts Students

by Caroline Potts

Art inspires us and takes us to new places. It helps us see the beauty in the world and feeds the soul. It also happens to be a very hard field to get into...if you read more

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