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Latest Articles

Questions to Ask Your Future Medical School

by Shawn Robinson

So you want to be a doctor. It's a long road, but it leads to a career with practically unparalleled rewards. Here's how to take the first steps. read more

7 Tips for Finding an Internship

by Susan Young

You know you need an internship. (Or internships, plural.) Here's how to get one. read more

4 Differences Between Graduate and Undergrad STEM Programs

by Raymond Lutzky, Ph.D.

For many STEM students, the idea of pursuing graduate study is nothing new. But the transition to an advanced degree still might come as a shock. read more

How to Make Studying for Standardized Tests Fun

by Dan Bi Han

Believe it or not, there is such thing as fun test prep, just like these activities. read more

7 Steps to Finding Your U.S. University

by Anne Corriveau and John Gursky

American universities are as diverse as the many countries of the world. So how can you know if you'll feel at home at a school halfway around the globe? Going read more

6 Reasons to Avoid Procrastination

by Susan Young

If you have any desire to be successful, consider these reasons to avoid procrastination and get moving. read more

College Fact Machine

Texas A&M University -- College Station students put a penny at the foot of the Sul Ross statue on campus for good luck on their next exam. Legend has it this practice started because a former college president ...

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