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Latest Articles

Top Campus Safety Tips

by Mark Rowh

These campus safety tips are a must-read for every college and university student. And soon-to-be college and university students. And probably their parents too. read more

Types of Student Loans Explained: Federal vs. Private

by Julia Quinn-Szcesuil

There are four major types of federal student loans. Then there are private loans. And if you're thinking about borrowing money for college, you need to know about read more

Scholarships 101: Your Introduction to Getting Free Money for College

by Julia Quinn-Szcesuil

Think free money for college is just a crazy, faraway dream? Think again. You can make winning them a reality. This introduction to the scholarship search will set read more

How to Make Your Own College Roommate Agreement

by Emily Rogan

Even if you don't want to use an official roommate agreement, you should still talk about these important issues with your new dorm roomies. Make sure you do it read more

How to Maximize the ROI of Your MBA in 5 Steps

by David Recine

Concerned about investing in b-school? Figure out the ROI of your MBA in these five steps. read more

5 Easy Ways to Have the Best Dorm Room

by Julia Quinn-Szcesuil

Okay, sure, "best" is relative. But if you follow these tips, you will definitely have a cool, comfy, everyone-wants-to-hang-out-there dorm room. read more

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