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Internship Search Tools and Advice for Students

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5 Steps to Making Your Final College Decision

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How to Make the Most of Graduate School: Advice for Grad Students, from Grad Students

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How and Why We Should Change College Engineering: A Conversation With David Goldberg

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Infographic: Witness the Fitness: Trends in Student Health, Fitness, and Nutrition

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What do high school and college students do to stay healthy? How often do they exercise? What do they eat? What sports do they play? We wanted to know . . . so we read more

Debt and the Real Cost of Grad School

by Julia Quinn-Szcesuil

Being a grad student isn't cheap; that probably isn't a surprise. But what's the real cost of getting a graduate degree? read more

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Louisiana State University -- Shreveport's team mascot, Mike the Tiger, is an actual live Bengal tiger. The school built a $3 million habitat for Mike (currently Mike VI) in 2005.

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