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The 20 Steps of Graduate Research...Told in Cartoons

by Jessica McCann

We put together a handy guide to graduate research. In cartoons. Because we're all adults here and we can use cartoons as a narrative device if we want to. read more

"Every name tells a story..." CollegeXpress Tackles Dartmouth's Essay Prompt

by CollegeXpress

Sure, we can dish out a lot of advice--but can we take it?! Some of the CollegeXpress staff decided to take a crack at one of this year's essay prompts. read more

Why Grad School is Actually Better Than Undergrad

by Sara Hodon

We know it's a bold claim. But hear us out . . . read more

Application Timeline for International Students

by CollegeXpress

Thinking about studying in the United States? Here's a list of what you need to do--and when you need to do it! read more

Think Your Way to Job Search Success

by Jen Lawrence

Whether you are trying to get a summer job, land a sought-after internship, or secure the ideal post-grad job, critical-thinking skills can help you land the read more

8 Tips for Finding Balancing in College

by Sharon M. Weinstein

Hi, overwhelmed, overworked, overtired college student. How are you holding up? read more

College Fact Machine

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill did not choose its nickname and mascot, a ram, based on the feisty animal; rather, they adopted the moniker in honor of the school's 1922 star fullback, ...

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