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Latest Articles

College Visits in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

by Erica West

It's the most wonderful time of year to visit colleges...or is it? Here are the pros and cons of visiting campuses during winter, spring, summer, and fall. read more

How to Study for Each Section of the ACT

by Hunter Freedman

Studying for the ACT can be a really daunting and boring task. How do you prepare for a test with multiple sections when there's no specific chapters or lessons to read more

Your Guide to Grocery Shopping in College

by Sarah Millard

Grocery shopping in college doesn't have to be scary. Here's a good basic college grocery list and a bunch of tips on how to do grocery shopping right. read more

How to Choose a STEM Major From All Your Different Options

by Dawson Vore

With so many different STEM majors and subfields, it can be hard to decide what you want to study in college. This breakdown of all the STEM options will help you read more

Mental Health Awareness Month: Help for Students

by Zia Sampson; Brittani Wert

Critical information and resources that can help students understand different mental health issues, seek or offer help, and raise awareness to end the stigma read more

Poetry Study Guide for AP English Language and Literature Exams

by Faith Harron

A quick poetry review that can help you score high on AP English tests, both Literature and Language read more

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