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Pros and Cons of Declaring a Major On Your College Applications

by Jessica Tomer

What does declaring your major on your college applications really mean and, more importantly, should you do it? read more

Campus Visit Scavenger Hunt

by CollegeXpress

College is a major investment, and the only way to really know if you've found the right fit for you is to see it in person. read more

The Transfer Essay: What's Your Story?

by Sarah E. Gibbs

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How to Buy Your First Car

by Jessica Tomer

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How to Pay for College: Understanding All Your Financial Aid Options

by Jessica McCann

Choosing a college is complicated. You've got to figure out what type of school you want, where to live, what to study, and--oh yeah--how to pay for it all. read more

What College Admission Counselors Wish You Knew

by CollegeXpress

As you go through your college application process, there will come a time when you think to yourself: "I wish I could peek inside college admission counselors' read more

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Housed in the University of Miami's on-campus Sports Hall of Fame, you'll find an authentic Seminole war canoe, hand carved and painted by tribes people, and gifted to the school on behalf of the city of Hollywood, Florida, in ...

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