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Where Can a Master's in Human Resources Take You?

by Hope Schiffgens; Cathy Mall

What you need to know about earning a master's in human resources, from the application process and curriculum to career opportunities and post-grad job-hunting read more

5 College Study Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

by Naomi Hong

Every student needs to learn how to study and manage their time in college. Use these tips to get ahead of the curve. read more

What Counts as Plagiarism?

by Jon Frank

Plagiarizing can hurt you now and way into the future. But do you know what really counts as plagiarism? Hint: it's way more than copying someone else's essay. read more

3 Interview Strategies for Job Seekers with a Low GPA

by Zubin Ajmera

Is a bad grade hurting your postgrad job search? These three strategies can help when you're asked to explain a low GPA. read more

Standardized Test Timeline for High School Students: What to Take and When?

by Dan Bi Han

From the SAT and SAT Subject Tests to the ACT and AP tests, you can encounter a lot of exams throughout high school. read more

What's the Difference Between Scholarships, Grants, and Loans?

by Dan Bi Han; Sophia Skwarchuk

College scholarships, grants, and loans: what are they all about, and which ones should you use? We broke them down for you. read more

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