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How to Have a Professional Presence on Social Media

by Nikki Schlecker

These days having a robust presence on social media is expected. You want people to find you! And you want them to like what they see. read more

Pursuing a Master's Degree While Working Full Time

by Farah Fard

It seems impossible, but thousands of driven graduate students manage to work full time and pursue a degree. What's their secret? read more

Labs at the Edge of the Final Frontier

by Jill Meridith

"All the world's a lab to the inquiring mind." read more

True Student Stories: College Diversity

by David Asgard, Ph.D.

Meet Victor, Luis, and Samantha, three students bringing a unique perspective and crucial diversity of thought and lived experiences to their college campuses. read more

Searching for Schools and Scholarships from Afar

by Manya Chylinski

Finding an American college or university to attend can seem like a daunting task, but there are a few simple steps you can take to make your dream of studying in read more

Paying Your Own Way: Financial Aid for Graduate School

by Stephanie Farah

Graduate programs can be expensive, but there are numerous ways in which you can reduce or even eliminate the cost of attendance. We list them all here. read more

College Fact Machine

In 1978, DePaul University bought the storied but soon-to-close Goodman School of Drama from the Art Institute of Chicago, turning luminaries like Linda Hunt and Joe Mantegna into alumni and DePaul's theater school into a ...

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