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Your College Money Questions Answered!

by Andrew Schrage

Wondering how you can and should pay your way through college? We've got the answers to your questions! read more

3 Tips for Personal Branding in the Career Search

by Kim Mueller

Just as creating a brand identity is important to businesses, creating a personal brand can distinguish job seekers against other candidates. read more

6 Ways to Reduce the Cost of College

by Mike Goodwin

Despite those alarmingly high tuition bills, it doesn't necessarily mean your college costs need to be that high. Read on for ways to help pare down what you pay. read more

From Texas to the World: International Experiential Education for M.B.A. Students

by Deidra Graves Stephens, Ph.D.

Think exciting outside-of-the-classroom experiences are just for undergraduates? Think again! Here, a University of Texas representative profiles a unique, hands-on read more

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Count on a Full Ride to Play Your Sport in College

by Michelle Kretzschmar

The reality is that most college athletes do not have athletic scholarships. College athletic scholarships are the exception rather than the rule. Here's why. read more

Preparing to Become a Future Leader in Energy

by Clara Lippert Glenn

If you're passionate about becoming a leader in the energy sector, you can use these tips to chart your path toward this rewarding career. read more

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Founded in 1909, Northeastern University's Cooperative Education ("co-op") Program is one of the first of its kind in the country.

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