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The "What If" Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask About College

by Jessica Tomer

Attention, worrywarts! You can be super excited about college and still have lingering doubts, fears, and questions. Ease your mind with these real-world answers. read more

What's in a Test? How to Use Your Application Essay When Your Test Scores Are Lower Than You'd Like

by Ryan Hickey

Do not talk about your low test scores in your application essay. At all. Ever. This is why and what you should do instead. read more

Secrets to College Success: How to Get Ahead Now and After You Graduate

by Julia Quinn-Szcesuil

In college, it can sometimes seem like a handful of students know a few keys to success that you don't. What's their secret? read more

How to Stay Involved in the Arts as a Non-major

by Grace Ballenger

Love the arts but not majoring in them? You don't have to give up your watercolor-painting, tap-dancing, horn-playing habits just yet! read more

Top 10 Tips for International Graduate Students

by CollegeXpress

Finding the right graduate program is tough. Finding the right program as an international student is even tougher. Here are 10 important issues to keep in mind. read more

11 Essential First-Year Teaching Tips

by Emily Lemiska

Pay attention, class. These are 11 of the wisest, most straightforward, and indispensable teaching tips you'll encounter as a new teacher. read more

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