We think we're pretty smart, but we still do plenty of research to stay on top of our game. These are some of our favorite websites and books. And we're always looking for more, so send us your suggestions!

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  • College Savings Plan Network (CSPN) -- Particularly helpful for parents, offers advice on saving for college with a 529 plan
  • DIY College Rankings -- The proprietor of this site says she loves college research and data . . . and it shows! Tons of free advice and tools, including handy spreadsheets you can use in your college search
  • My College Path -- The folks at Maryville College put together a handy collection of helpful article to use in your college search
  • The Student Branding Blog -- A great resource for students who want to learn about self-advocacy, both in the admission process and when looking for a job
  • The New York Times' "The Choice" Blog -- Timely college news and opinions from a journalistic mecca. Plus, admission experts, including deans from the best schools in the country, are quick to contribute
  • The Washington Post -- The Post actually has four blogs devoted to higher education, covering everything from surviving on campus to DC-specific issues
  • College Admissions for the other 95%: A Guide to the School Counseling Office (from a Director of School Counseling) -- An insider's view of college admission for all applicants, not just those with their sights set on the very tippy top of the collegiate food chain
  • College Internship Program -- A great college resource for young adults with Asperger's and learning disabilities
  • FreeTestPrep.com -- Tons of practice tests and tools for ACT, SAT, and more, just like they say: free!
  • Ms. Career Girl -- Another great career advice blog, this one tailored to young women
  • One Day, One Job -- A Cornell University grad created this blog to profile companies around the country that are hiring at internship and entry levels
  • Online Courses -- Online learning is perhaps the biggest thing to happen to education since the printing press, and Online Courses curates classes from the many different online course work out there
  • U.S.News University Directory College Resource Guide -- An incredibly comprehensive collection of college and student life resources, brought to you from the same people behind U.S.News & World Report
  • Free Learning Tools -- This resource from Varsity Tutors features free practice tests, digital flashcards, and questions-of-the-day for standardized tests and all kinds of academic subjects
  • The Roadmap From Learning Disabilities to Success -- This book is just one piece in a collection of resources concerning learning disabilities from The Pyramid of Potential
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