The Experts' Choice: Best College Planning Websites

We know this site is pretty great, but if you must go, go here! These sites are helpful in planning your next big step.

* Highlighted schools are featured

List produced by the Experts

  • 1. CollegeXpress (of course!)
  • 2. College Board
  • 3. Peterson's
  • 4. The Princeton Review
  • 5. U.S. News & World Report
  • 6. FastWeb--Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Colleges

Honorable Mention

  • ASSIST Exploring Majors (for California, U of and California State U):
  • Bridges Transitions:
  • CSUMentor (for California State U):
  • Career Zone (for New York students):
  • College Confidential--Admissions, Search, and Financial Aid Help:
  • College Foundation of North Carolina (for North Carolina students):
  • College Scoop--Real World Advice for College-Bound Students:
  • College View:
  • Colleges that Change Lives:
  • Common Application:
  • ConnectEDU Connecting Students, Colleges, and Employers:
  • DISCOVER Comprehensive Career Planning Program:
  • Home EDucators Resource Directory:
  • Missouri Connections Education and Career Planning System (for Missouri students):
  • NYMentor (for New York students):
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association:
  • Ohio Career Information System (for Ohio students):
  • TRIP to College (for Indiana students):
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