What is Global Colleges & Universities?

Global Colleges & Universities (formerly AC&U) magazine is a college search resource published by Carnegie Dartlet in partnership with the Council of International Schools (CIS). This publication—read worldwide by over a million students each year—has been published for over 20 years and is now available online as well. Inside the magazine, you’ll find detailed profiles of featured four-year colleges and universities that are actively recruiting international students. You can also discover and connect with even more schools from around the world on our website, Global.CollegeXpress.com, where you’ll find expert advice about university admission, financial aid, visas, campus life, and much more.

What is CollegeXpress?

CollegeXpress is the most comprehensive student portal for exploring universities, finding scholarships, and managing your college search process. Once you’ve completed registration at Global.CollegeXpress.com, you’ll join the community and be able to access all of our helpful information and search tools, plus request information from our featured schools in just one click. You’ll also be entered to win our annual $10,000 scholarship to help fund your university education! You can learn more about the scholarship here.

How can CollegeXpress help me attend university?

CollegeXpress is the premier site for international students to research colleges and universities in the United States and beyond. Our College Search and Scholarship Search tools, Lists & Rankings, blogs and articles, and expert advice can help you best prepare for university, whether you’re looking for information on test preparation, admission and applications, or acclimating to American campus culture.

Is CollegeXpress registration open to everyone?

Absolutely! We welcome all users to create a free CollegeXpress account and request information from universities, use our Scholarship Search tool, research more schools, and dive into our timely and focused content.

Is CollegeXpress a free website?

Yes, all the features on the CollegeXpress network are completely free to anyone who registers on the site.

Why isn't the college or university I’m interested in included as a featured college on CollegeXpress?

The featured colleges and universities on our site are there because they chose to utilize our service. Their participation allows us to bring this site to you for free. After completing registration, you’ll be able to browse for schools in our database, which includes all two- and four-year colleges and universities in the United States. However, you’ll only be able to request information in one click from our featured member colleges and universities via CollegeXpress.com. We recommend reaching out to non-member schools directly to request information.

How do I receive more information from the member colleges and universities featured on your website?

To request information from any of the member colleges and universities featured on our website, you’ll first need to register for free at Global.CollegeXpress.com. During registration, you’ll see a list of schools and colleges that we match you to based on your registration information, and you can use the list to request information quickly. After you complete registration, you can also access our College Search tool, Lists & Rankings, Quick Connect, and Suggested Schools to find other universities you’re interested in learning more about. As you’re searching, if you see a green “Yes, Connect Me!” button, you can click it and your request for more information will be sent directly to the school.

How do I contact or apply to the featured colleges and universities on your website directly?

To email any of the featured colleges and universities on our website, go to the school’s profile. Click the “Send an Email” button at the top of the profile, and your message will be sent directly to the college or university’s admission office. You’ll also see an “Apply Online” button at the top of each profile; clicking this will bring you directly to the university’s application on its website.

Why haven't I heard from the featured colleges and universities I selected to receive more information from on your website?

Unfortunately, we can’t control when or if colleges and universities you request information from via CollegeXpress respond to you. We do send every information request directly to each school you select. Since each individual college/university controls its own communication with students, we recommend that if you haven’t heard from some of the schools you selected, try contacting the college/university directly.

How can I delete my CollegeXpress account?

To delete your CollegeXpress account, just select the Cancel/Delete Account/Unsubscribe option under “Subject” on the Contact Us form. Be sure you include your full name, email address, and other contact information so we can process your request.

When will this year's $10,000 scholarship winner be chosen and announced?

The scholarship winner is randomly selected every May and contacted via email. Please see the contest rules and conditions for more details. The scholarship winner will be announced in early summer. You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for updates!

What colleges/universities are applicable for the $10,000 scholarship?

The list of colleges and universities that accept the $10,000 scholarship is located on our Featured School Profiles page.

How can I get a copy of your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is located at the bottom of every page on our website and is also available here.

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