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Global Colleges & Universities is a free college and scholarship resource for students, their families, and guidance counselors. It’s also the companion website for Carnegie Dartlet's magazines and is the flagship site of the Global Colleges & Universities network (of course!). With college and scholarship search tools, 800 unique college-related lists, tons of expert advice, and a summer program search tool, it has everything students and families need to find the perfect college, pay for it, and much more!

Plus, all you have to do is register to get a chance to win our $10,000 scholarship!

How are we able to pack so much awesomeness into one website? We’ve been at this college search business for a while. We have more than 25 years of experience working directly with colleges, and we help students find schools that truly fit! Campuses across the country and around the world are full of students who discovered colleges in the pages of our magazines and websites. You'll find all of the editorial and college profiles from our publications—Private Colleges & Universities, Global Colleges & Universities, Public Colleges & Universities, and Graduate Colleges & Universities—at CollegeXpress. Plus we made it easier and faster for colleges to recruit you. When you search college profiles and click the big, green "Yes, connect me!" button, colleges will send you brochures and other cool stuff about their campuses. How easy is that?

Global Colleges & Universities

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