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The CollegeXpress mission: Connecting students and colleges

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For over 30 years, CollegeXpress has lived and breathed this mission to connect students with their perfect college. And in the process, we’ve helped millions of students and given away millions of dollars to support their futures.

Our goal is to ensure that students from around the world and right next door find their educational fit. We know that partnering with other sites and resources that are deeply connected with the same audiences can ultimately help more students.

Why partner with CollegeXpress?

Whether you’re interested in traffic, CPM, CPA, or a data purchase, we’re open to any conversation that benefits students and helps us meet our mission. The best part? This partnership will generate a monthly revenue for your business. We have partners that receive thousands of dollars a month just for providing a connection to CollegeXpress for their student audience.

Simple setup

If you’re interested in partnering with us, email us at Our team will send you everything you need to get set up while arming you with content and creative to encourage your engaged visitors to learn more about schools, scholarships, and all things college life. We will pay you for every visitor who registers on our site. There’s nothing more to do.

What are the next steps?

Once the campaign is up and live, you’ll quickly start generating interest and traffic for CollegeXpress and, in turn, generating a monthly revenue. Each month, we’ll report back to you the number of students who registered and the amount of money that translates to you for payment. Once the reports are complete, typically within seven days of the previous month, you’ll invoice us and we’ll pay quickly.

Audiences we hope to reach

While traditional high school students are our most typical visitors, we also seek to support transfer, graduate, and adult learners. In short, CollegeXpress is here to help all education-bound students.

Let’s build a scholarship together

We’re so committed to connecting with as many students as possible that we’re open to creating scholarships just for you and the users who come to CollegeXpress from your traffic. Depending on the volume of traffic you’re able to share, we can get very creative in making this connection the most successful for you and your students.

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