Contributor Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to CollegeXpress.

We hope to provide our readers with engaging and useful information regarding the admission process, financial aid, academics, student life, the career search, and much more. Below you will find our policies regarding content submissions and other editorial guidelines.

Who we are
CollegeXpress is a comprehensive resource designed to guide students and their families, as well as educational counselors and consultants, through the admission process, the college years, graduate school, and well beyond. We offer a College Search tool, Scholarship Search tool, Graduate School Search tool, approximately 800 unique college lists, and hundreds of articles and blog posts.

The site is the online companion to Catholic Colleges & Universities, Christian Colleges & Universities, Transfer Colleges & Universities, Graduate Colleges & Universities, and International Colleges & Universities magazines. You can learn more about our company, publications, and other services at our corporate website,, and you can view our digital magazines here.

Content and tone
Our tone is informative but conversational, and we encourage unique voices and subject angles. All submissions, including supporting examples or anecdotes, must be objective and non-promotional in nature. Embedded links should also be relevant to the content and non-promotional. Please note that links to essay writing services are prohibited.

Submissions are typically categorized as articles, blog posts, or “Ask the Experts” responses. (We may also accept short book excerpts, which are attributed accordingly.)

  • Articles are in-depth, researched, source based, and usually 1,000–3,000 words.
  • Blog posts are more casual, personal, timely, and 500 words minimum.
  • Ask the Experts responses are generally no longer than 200 words and can stem from questions we provide or those of your own choosing as discussed in advance.

Recurring blog opportunities (monthly or bimonthly) exist in several subject areas. Please inquire regarding becoming a recurring blogger and for the Ask the Experts question list.

You are welcome to send us your topic queries as well as completed manuscripts for review. We can also provide a list of potential article topics. Areas of concentration on CollegeXpress include the following:

  • Business
  • Campus Visits
  • Catholic Colleges and Universities
  • Christian Colleges and Universities
  • College Admission
  • College Athletics
  • College Diversity
  • Education and Teaching
  • Financial Aid
  • Graduate School
  • Health and Medicine
  • International Students
  • Internships and Careers
  • Majors and Academics
  • Performing and Visual Arts
  • Public Colleges and Universities
  • Science and Engineering
  • Student Life
  • Test Prep
  • Transfer Students

Article formatting
We typically follow the following format for articles and blogs:

  • Introduction: 1 or 2 paragraphs that introduce the topic and what the reader will learn
  • Body: At least 3 paragraphs (each section labeled with Header 2s and/or Header 3s)
  • Conclusion: 1 paragraph to wrap everything up
  • Call to action: Bold line at the end of the article directing readers to another part of the website (usually written by the CX Editorial team)
  • Related links: Relevant internal links that appear every other paragraph starting after the first body paragraph (usually inserted by the CX Editorial team)
  • Embedded links: Links to relevant content embedded with appropriate anchor text. (These can be internal links or approved external links such as sources; some external links may be removed or prohibited.)
  • Here’s a good example of a properly formatted article. You can find many other examples on our main Articles & Advice page.

Author biography
All CollegeXpress contributors (including organizational/group authors) have a unique author page, distinct from their submitted content. You may supply a biography of your choosing, up to 200 words, which may include promotional links. Biographies are also subject to editorial review. A short biography will be written for you should you choose not to supply one. A byline also accompanies each article, including the author’s name, title, and organization, if relevant. Byline fields do not support linking. You may also supply a headshot for your author page, but it’s not required.

Review process and editorial changes
All articles are subject to review, and publication is not guaranteed. Unsolicited submissions that are not chosen for publication may or may not receive notice. Articles will be edited in accordance with house style rules and may be changed for clarity, tone, and consistency. External links included by the author may also be removed if deemed irrelevant or unnecessary.

We are flexible in our deadlines for online submissions, though we appreciate a turnaround of four to six weeks. Accepted submissions are then incorporated into our editorial schedule and posted to CollegeXpress within two to six weeks of receiving them.

Reuse/reprints and permissions
We ask that all submissions be original and exclusive to CollegeXpress, and it is mutually beneficial that submitted pieces remain so (please inquire as to content exchange opportunities). However, should you wish to repost a submitted piece to your personal or organizational blog, we appreciate notice and in such cases request that you include a link to CollegeXpress and/or the original post.

Content accepted for publication on CollegeXpress may also appear as a reprint in Carnegie Dartlet’s magazines. Articles will not be used otherwise without the author’s consent.

Accompanying images, whether for articles or blogs, are appreciated but not necessary and may or may not be used if supplied. We typically rely on stock photography. We prefer an author image accompany any Ask the Experts response, but it too is not required.

The CollegeXpress YouTube channel features videos from our team, college experts, and real students. If you’re interested in vlogging or turning a blog into a vlog, please let your editor know.

Queries and manuscripts may be sent to or directly to the editor with whom you are working. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions, and thank you again for your interest in CollegeXpress!