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Q: I'm not a high school senior yet; can I still apply for scholarships?

A: Of course you can! It's never too early (or too late) for students to start searching for and applying to scholarships. The important part is making sure you qualify before you more

Q: How do I find scholarships?

A: Set aside a designated time each week to search out and apply for scholarships. Don't limit yourself to just online scholarship websites. Contact local and national businesses, corporations, and organizations directly to inquire about any they may offer. read more

Q: Should I take on extra student debt to attend my dream school?

A: The current economic climate and tough job market has most students and families carefully deciding how much student loan debt is reasonable. read more

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Ticket sales for a single home game at the University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor's stadium generate approximately five times the original cost of building the stadium in 1927.

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