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How to Start Your Scholarship Search

As you're looking for your best-fit college or university, don't forget about best-fit scholarships too! Here's how to start your search for free more

How to Figure Out Your College Costs

From admission to fees and beyond, there's a LOT that goes into the cost of college. Here's how to research total costs when you're searching for more

Everything You Need to Know About Taking on Student Loans

Gain a better understanding of student loans and everything you should know before borrowing money for more

15 Things to Understand About Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

Financial aid can be confusing, especially when it comes to how much you'll pay. Here are 15 things you need to know about your Expected Family Contribution read more

The Ultimate List of Easy Scholarships

No long essays. No recommendation letters. Just lots of scholarships that are easy to apply to and practically anyone can win. (Updated for 2019!)read more

The Merit of Scholarships (and How to Get Them)

Learn about the process of searching, applying for, and attaining merit scholarships, a very important component of your financial aid more

Ask The Experts

Q: What do "fees" mean when colleges talk about "tuition and fees"?

A: In addition to paying for classes (aka tuition), you'll also need to cover any fees associated with a university. But what exactly do these "fees" cover?read more

Q: What's the difference between federal and private education loans?

A: While both options lend you money to help cover college costs, there are some significant differences between federal and private loans you need to more

Q: What's the difference between a scholarship and a grant?

A: How often do you think about paying for college? The answer is likely all the time. That's why learning about ways to fund your education is so important. read more

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