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Four-Year Colleges Enrolling the Most Hispanic Students

Simple facts, but still good stuff to know. We've included the total number and the percentage of Hispanic students enrolled.

Most Vegetarian-Friendly Colleges in the United States

Any vegetarian student can find something to eat on a college campus--there will never, ever be a shortage of plain cheese pizza! But you can't live...

Schools That Offer Deferred Admission of More Than 1 Year

College is a life-changing experience, not to mention a huge life change. Sometimes a little walkabout is just what you need to clear your mind and prepare...

Colleges With Comprehensive Programs at a Fair Price

We looked at schools of comparable academic quality and just picked out the cheaper option. It's like getting the name-brand value at the store-brand price.

Playboy's Top 10 Party Schools

Big shakeups on this list! Last year's #1, UT Austin, is now #5, pushed aside by CU Boulder. Apparently, the snow bunnies party harder than the cowboys. Who...

Presidents Earning the Most Money at Public Universities

These university presidents are making bank. The list includes the president's name and total compensation for the 2006-2007 academic year.

The Experts' Choice: Tolerant Colleges

More likely than not, you'll find the students marching with the administration rather than against it at these schools.

Colleges Gamers Might Consider

You love video games. We love video games. Learn how to make them at these colleges and universities. FYI, this list is from The College Finder, 2017...

The Big East

This conference is largely dominated by Catholic schools. That must explain why the Friars are battling the Blue Demons, Fighting Irish, and the Pirates.

Colleges with Unique or Highly Specialized Majors

Blacksmithing, popular TV, toy design, and bag-piping are just some of the majors you'll find listed below.

Colleges with Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Programs

Occupational therapists get to help people overcome some intense physical obstacles, and they know a kind of career satisfaction that most people only dream about.

The Experts' Choice: Fashion Merchandising and/or Design

Underneath the silk and chiffon, there's a technical side to fashion too. No, we don't mean a line of edgy, metallic clothing. Someone needs to manufacture,...