Why CollegeXpress?

Why CollegeXpress?

So, you clicked on that orange button to see if we’re legit, right? Or, maybe you’re deciding if you should use this site instead of the hundreds of other college sites out there. Well, that’s why we created this page: to answer your questions and prove that CollegeXpress is definitely the place you want to be.

We know what college is all about—academics, personal growth, professional opportunities, and fun—because we’ve been there. When we built CollegeXpress, we kept all of that in mind, creating the kind of site we wish we had when we were looking for schools.

And one of the site’s best features? It’s completely…FREE!

Who are you guys, anyway?

Carnegie Dartlet is an educational publisher. Every year, thousands of students across the United States and around the world discover their colleges using our magazines and websites. Nothing makes us happier than when that happens.

We’ve been in the education business a long time. Here are some of the things we publish.

  • Private Colleges & Universities magazine—published since 1986
  • Wintergreen Orchard House college guides—published since 1978

CollegeXpress was first launched in 1995. Here’s one of our first logos.

CollegeXpress logo 1995

Here’s another from 1998—what were we thinking back then?!

CollegeXpress logo 1998

And one from 2000

CollegeXpress logo 2000

Another from 2004

CollegeXpress logo 2004

And 2011

CollegeXpress logo 2011

Yet, even though we’ve been around a long time, many of the brains behind CollegeXpress are recent grads. So you get the experience of an established company with the perspective of people just like you. We also incorporate as much user feedback as possible, so the site has all the information you need.

Where does your information come from?

The college profiles are written by the colleges themselves, and they provide the photos, like these.

The college and scholarship data is from Wintergreen Orchard House, a major database compiler of college, graduate, and scholarship data. We send surveys to every two- and four-year college and university in the country to collect the most up-to-date data available. We work to make sure every statistic, deadline, address—you name it—is as current as possible.

College experts, like deans of admission or financial aid, or college counselors, write most of our articles. Here are two of our favorites.

Joan Isaac Mohr

Joan Isaac Mohr
Vice President and Dean of Admissions at Quinnipiac University

Michael Milone, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Milone
Nationally recognized research psychologist and award-winning educational writer

Those not authored by such VIPs are usually researched and written by our staff. And most of our other bloggers are recent grads or current college students, so they know exactly what you're going through!

Where do your Lists and Rankings come from?

These lists are unlike any college rankings you’ve ever seen. In fact, they’re less like “rankings” and more like collections of schools organized by their strengths. Here are some examples: The Happy Colleges, Colleges that Meet the Financial Needs of Students, 10 Cool Colleges for Entrepreneurs, Colleges Most Like Hogwarts.

Steven Antonoff

The lists come from a book called The College Finder by Steven Antonoff, an educational consultant from Denver, Colorado.

Steve was the Dean of Students and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Denver. He is now a certified educational planner with experience working with over 3,000 students. He researched the lists with help from our Wintergreen Orchard House editors and also polled experts in higher education to develop the rest.

Some lists were generated using your input. Well, maybe not your input personally, but we poll our users to create new lists based on their recommendations. Additionally, some of our lists are used with permission from outside sources, which you’ll find referenced at the bottom of the page.

We want to make one last thing perfectly clear: no one pays to be on these lists, not even our featured colleges (see "What is a featured college?"); all lists were developed using the methodologies outlined above.

Who are the “Experts” you’re referring to on the site?

In our Ask the Experts and Lists and Rankings sections, you’ll find more expert advice than you can shake a stick at. Our experts are admission representatives, high school counselors, educational planners, and other industry pros. Here are a few.

Cyndy McDonald

Cyndy McDonald
Founder, Higher Educational Consultants Association (HECA)

Julie McCulloh

Julie McCulloh
Dean of Admission, Gonzaga University

Keith Berman

Keith Berman
President/Certified Educational Planner, Options for College

Some of the experts have experience in a particular area, like financial aid or students with learning disabilities, while others work at colleges or universities.

Who else guides you in developing your services?

We have a pretty cool advisory board; some of them have been working with us since 1986!

James Barquinero
Senior Vice President, Student Affairs and Athletics
Sacred Heart University

Richard Bischoff
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Case Western Reserve University

Donald C. Bishop
Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Enrollment
The University of Notre Dame

John W. Buckley
Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Enrollment
Fordham University

Douglas L. Christiansen
Vice Provost for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions
Vanderbilt University

William Conley
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Bucknell University

Jessica Eads
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Hofstra University

William R. Fitzsimmons
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Harvard University

Mitchell Lipton
Dean of Admissions and Records and Registrar
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Logan Powell
Director of Admission
Princeton University

Richard H. Shaw
Dean of Admission
Stanford University

Need more info?

You can find even more answers on our FAQs page!

And, if you still need information click here to e-mail a question and we’ll get back to you right away.

We’re still working to make CollegeXpress the best college resource out there, and if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.

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