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Q: What is your approach for helping students who don't have the qualifications for their top-choice schools?

A: We never treat students like they are fixed points in time and space--we help them think of ideas that take their ideas to the next level so that they can maximize their options for more

Q: What is some of your advice for working with international students?

A: A good consultant must be sensitive to the culture of their prospective clients, not only so they can help these students find schools that will meet their needs, but also so that they can help them learn a little about American culture as they head off to school. read more

Q: What is your process for helping students find financial aid?

A: I offer basic financial aid advice and point the family in the direction of colleges who are notoriously generous with merit aid. In addition, I give the family a report that shows which scholarships the student might be eligible for at the colleges to which he or she is more

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University of Connecticut's annual OOzeball Mud Volleyball Tournament draws over 1,000 players and spectators. Founded in 1984, it is the longest-running tournament of its kind.

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