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The Truth About SAT and ACT Prep Courses

How much of what students are told about test prep courses is true? We're here to tell you and also share how COVID-19 is changing upcoming SAT and ACT tests.read more

All of the Tests! How to Prepare for the ACT, SAT, and More

This standardized test guide covers prepping for the ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP tests, and more. It's basically everything you need to know. So let's get read more

How to Study for Each Section of the ACT

Studying for the ACT can be a really daunting and boring task. How do you prepare for a test with multiple sections when there's no specific chapters or read more

Poetry Study Guide for AP English Language and Literature Exams

A quick poetry review that can help you score high on AP English tests, both Literature and Languageread more

My Standardized Test Prep: Top Tips From Real Students

High school students share their real-life experiences taking standardized tests, the tools they used, and their top tips for success.read more

Essential Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Taking the SAT and ACT

Looking for study tips and tricks to help you on the SAT or ACT? You've come to the right place. These test-taking strategies will prepare you for either read more

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Q: How do I choose between the SAT and the ACT?

A: You should take the test that fits best with your learning and test-taking style.read more

Q: Do I need to take the SAT or ACT?

A: Most colleges do use standardized test scores (either the ACT or SAT) as part of their admission evaluation process.read more

Q: How are standardized tests used in admission?

A: Test scores are part of how you are evaluated at many colleges, but they are never the most important consideration.read more

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