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Top 10 Tips for Your College Visit Road Trip

Traveling for campus tours? Here's how to make the most of your experience on a whirlwind road trip more

College Visits That Can Be Turned Into Vacations

Too busy to take a vacation and visit colleges? Do both at once with some of these travel more

College Visits in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

It's the most wonderful time of year to visit colleges...or is it? Here are the pros and cons of visiting campuses during winter, spring, summer, and more

Which Colleges Should You Visit in Person? 9 Things to Consider

How do you know which of your colleges are worth visiting? These nine tips should help!read more

Campus Visit Scavenger Hunt

College is a major investment, and the only way to really know if you've found the right fit for you is to see it in more

Campus Visits: Your College Search Secret Weapon

How do you narrow the list of 4,000 schools down to a few that you want to explore further? One effective way is college visitsread more

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Q: When should I visit college campuses?

A: Most colleges and universities are open year-round for visits and campus tours. But the time of year you visit will impact what you see. read more

Q: What should I do if I can't visit the colleges on my list?

A: Use your network and technology. Just because you can't visit doesn't mean one of your friends or family haven't. Maybe they know someone who has been to campus and can share their thoughts with more

Q: What should I be looking for during my campus visits?

A: The campus visit is the most important action you can take to determine whether a college is a good fit for you. You should spend four years there, so it is worth investing some shoe leather, rubber, or plastic in checking it out!read more

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