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The Christian College Code

Considering a Christian college or university but not really sure what it's like? Keep more

The Advantages of Choosing a Christian College

For Christian students, some of the most significant factors in their college search are related to the spiritual characteristics of the schools they're read more

The Life-Changing Impact of a College Mission

Students on a college mission ask questions and seek answers--some of which don't come in the form they were more

Living Your Faith on Campus

Is finding a home for your faith important to your college experience? Then this advice is for more

How to Find the Christian College for You

So much of college is about asking the right questions. Here's a Christian perspective to finding the more

Choosing a Christian College

For those seeking a Christian college environment, how do they go about finding a place where Christian values and behaviors are not only encouraged, but read more

Ask The Experts

Q: Are all students required to attend chapel services at Christian schools?

A: Compulsory chapel is typically a requirement at a Christian College, but that is not the case at all institutions. Some institutions offer a voluntary chapel experience, while others provide a variety of experiences from which students gain "chapel credits." read more

Q: What factors should I consider if I am interested in attending a Christian college?

A: Research has shown statistically significant declines in the religious attitudes, values, and behaviors of students during their college years. Attending a Christian college can counteract that trend by enhancing your spiritual growth as well as shaping your personal and professional growth from a Christian perspective. read more

Q: How does campus life differ on a Christian college campus from a secular campus?

A: While most colleges offer students a chance to explore issues of faith, a Christian college incorporates that process into their curriculum and sees that it is an obvious part of life on more

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