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Q: Are all students required to attend chapel services at Christian schools?

A: Compulsory chapel is typically a requirement at a Christian College, but that is not the case at all institutions. Some institutions offer a voluntary chapel experience, while others provide a variety of experiences from which students gain "chapel credits." read more

Q: What factors should I consider if I am interested in attending a Christian college?

A: Research has shown statistically significant declines in the religious attitudes, values, and behaviors of students during their college years. Attending a Christian college can counteract that trend by enhancing your spiritual growth as well as shaping your personal and professional growth from a Christian perspective. read more

Q: How does campus life differ on a Christian college campus from a secular campus?

A: While most colleges offer students a chance to explore issues of faith, a Christian college incorporates that process into their curriculum and sees that it is an obvious part of life on more

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