General FAQs

What is CollegeXpress?

CollegeXpress is a college search and planning website. We feature comprehensive College and Scholarship Search tools, tons of informational articles and advice, college lists and rankings and one-click college recruitment.

Is CollegeXpress free?

Yes! All of our search tools and resources are free to anyone who registers for a CollegeXpress account.

Who can use CollegeXpress?

Even though CollegeXpress was designed with high school/secondary school and college/university students in mind, anyone can use it! You, your parent(s) or guardian(s), your counselor, transfer students, international students...you get the gist.

When and how is the $10,000 scholarship winner chosen?

We pick the scholarship winner at random in May each year. We announce the winner on CollegeXpress shortly thereafter, during the summer. The $10,000 scholarship is then applied to the winner’s college tuition for the coming fall semester. Please see the $10,000 scholarship rules and conditions page for further details.

What colleges and universities are applicable for the $10,000 scholarship?

Our $10,000 scholarship is only accepted at our member colleges and universities (our “featured” schools). The winner of the scholarship must be planning to attend one of these schools as a first-year, graduate, or transfer student for the first time during the fall of the contest year. You can view the full list of eligible schools here.

Where do the Lists and Rankings come from?

Most of our lists come from the book The College Finder by Steven R. Antonoff, PhD, an educational consultant from Denver, Colorado. The lists are a product of his research, the input of countless other higher education professionals, and student user suggestions.

You'll see designations showing whether the list was produced by Experts, Facts, or Users: When we say "Experts," we mean the list is subjective and based on the input of higher education insiders (like Mr. Antonoff!). Facts just means the lists rely on indisputable facts. And, last but never least, User lists are based on your suggestions! Some lists were also used with permission from other sources (noted on those pages).

We just want to make one last thing perfectly clear: no one pays to be on these lists, not even our featured colleges—see "Featured Colleges" on our “Why CollegeXpress?” page.

How can I cancel or delete my account?

Fill out the comment form with “Cancel/Delete Account/Unsubscribe” as the subject, making sure to include your full name, email address, and other contact information so we can process your request. (And if there’s anything we could do to win you back, we’d love to hear your suggestions!)

How can I get a copy of your privacy policy?

You can view our privacy policy here. It’s also located at the bottom of every page on our website.

For Students

How do I register?

We’ll guide you through our quick and easy one-time registration. You just need to give the basic information, but the more details you fill in, the easier it is for us to match you with schools and scholarships that fit you! Not registered? What are you waiting for! It’s quick, easy, and it enters you into our $10,000 scholarship contest!

How can I find colleges and scholarships on CollegeXpress?

Easy. Just use our College Search and Scholarship Search tools and plug in your info. Our college search is the best in the business, with over 4,000 school listings, and our Scholarship Search comprises over $7 billion in award money.

I need help with my college search! What should I do?

We have tons of advice, from how to begin your college search to dealing with student life to finding a job after graduation (and much more). If you have more specific questions, just ask the experts!

How can I get recruited by the colleges on this site?

We’re all about the one-click recruitment! All you need to do is click the green “Yes, connect me!” button on any featured college profile after finding it through our College Search. Before you know it, the featured colleges you select will send you more info about their admissions process, financial aid, majors, and more!

How can I get more information from the colleges on this site?

Each college and university has a robust profile page bursting with stats, facts, and pertinent information to answer all of your questions. The best part? Our featured schools will reach out and send you more information if you click the “Yes, connect me!” button!

Why haven't I heard from the featured colleges and universities I contacted?

Unfortunately, we can’t control when and if colleges and universities you contacted through CollegeXpress respond to you. We send every information request directly to the schools you select, but each college and university controls its communication with students differently. We recommend that if you haven't heard from some of the schools you selected in a reasonable amount of time, contact the college/university directly.

How do I sign up for the $10,000 scholarship?

All you have to do is register on CollegeXpress to be eligible for the annual $10,000 scholarship giveaway! Please see the $10,000 scholarship rules and conditions page for details. If you’ve already registered with CollegeXpress, you’re already entered to win!

How do I add or remove colleges from my profile?

Go to the "Your Stuff" tab in the upper right-hand corner of the page and select "Schools" from the drop-down menu. Under "Schools," there's a button that says "Edit Favorites." You can also just go to the individual college or scholarship pages and click the green "saved" button to deselect the school or scholarship.

How can I get accepted into my dream school?

Though we wish everyone got into their “dream school,” there are no guarantees that doing anything in particular will definitely get you accepted by the college(s) you want. You can do everything right and just not fit the student profile the college is looking for. However, you can use CollegeXpress to help make yourself the best applicant possible. We have tons of articles and advice about prepping for standardized tests, polishing your college essay, acing the college interview, and more. In the end, we believe there’s more than one “dream school” out there for everyone—you just need to know how to find them, and we can help you with that too!

What kinds of questions can I submit to Ask the Experts?

Our experts can answer questions regarding financial aid, admission, student life, and almost any other college-related area—in fact, they might have answered your question already, so be sure to read our Ask the Experts archives! However, they won’t answer school-specific questions about things like deadlines or whether or not you’ll be accepted. (Luckily, you can usually find answers to questions like that on our college profiles!) If you have questions about our website or how it works, you can submit them here under the "General Feedback" option.

How do I stop receiving emails/letters from schools?

If you like, we can delete your CollegeXpress account to stop any emails from being sent to you from CollegeXpress (see “How can I cancel or delete my account?” under General FAQs). Unfortunately, we can’t control when and if the colleges and universities you selected through CollegeXpress contact you, so you may continue to receive emails and letters from schools you added on CollegeXpress even after your account has been deactivated.

How do I add/edit my personal information?

Go to the "Your Stuff" tab in the upper right-hand corner of the page and select “Profile” from the drop-down menu. From there, you'll be able to edit all the info on that page!

For Parents

Why is my child required to register?

By registering on our site, we’re able to match our student users with schools and scholarships that fit their profiles. We also reach out to our registered users via email with relevant opportunities and site updates. And, finally, only by registering are users eligible for our annual $10,000 scholarship. However, registration is only required to see the full details of our school and scholarship listings; you don’t need to be registered to conduct college and scholarship searches or to view our Articles and Advice and Ask the Experts posts.

How can my child use this site to further their college search?

With our College Search and Scholarship Search tools, students can use their individual criteria to narrow down the thousands of schools and scholarship opportunities to those that truly fit them. These searches lead to some of the most detailed and comprehensive school and scholarship listings available. We also offer hundreds of related articles covering such foundational areas as admission, campus visits, and financial aid in addition to more focused areas related to common student interests, including Catholic and Christian college life, science and engineering schools, and US study for international students.

For Counselors

What kinds of resources do you offer high school and independent counselors?

Beyond the College Search, Scholarship Search, and expert articles available to you and your students on CollegeXpress, we offer numerous other resources used by college counselors across the country and around the globe! We also publish industry-leading college search resources just for counselors, including the annual College Finder and College Atlas and Planner. Additionally, we produce specialty magazines tailored to students’ higher education interests and goals.

How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

After you register for CollegeXpress, you’ll automatically start receiving our monthly e-newsletter that’s full of advice from your peers, need-to-know dates, latest articles, special giveaways, and more!

Are counselors eligible for the $10,000 scholarship or $250 Refer-a-Friend scholarship?

Unfortunately, the $10,000 scholarship is only available to our student users. However, counselors can win the $250 giveaway to use as they wish. We also sponsor other counselor-specific giveaways throughout the year, so be sure to follow us on social media.

For Colleges and Universities

How can I update my school’s profile or scholarship listings?

If you’ve found outdated or erroneous information on your institution’s profile and/or any scholarship listings, please let us know, and we’ll update the site right away. There’s no cost to change your information. Please visit our Scholarship and College Data page page for more details and contact information.

How can our school get on your lists?

Educational consultant Steven Antonoff, PhD, created most of our lists. (His website, SchoolBuff, assists students and their families with educational planning.) He has his own methodology for selecting the schools and used the input of many other college experts, like admission counselors. While we may offer suggestions for lists, we can’t control the schools on the “Experts’ Choice” lists, nor do we accept any payment to be placed on these lists. (Those institutions marked "featured colleges" are our clients and independent of the Lists and Rankings.) We can potentially update “Facts and Stats” lists based on factual data, research, and verified reports.

I would like to feature my school on CollegeXpress; how can I do so?

To learn more about becoming a featured school on CollegeXpress and start connecting with students, navigate to your school page on CollegeXpress and click the "Claim This Profile" button to fill out the form to request more information. You can also email us at feedback@collegexpress.com

What other services do you offer?

Our industry-leading products and services have helped thousands of higher education institutions reach their marketing, development, and recruitment goals. For more information regarding our marketing and consulting services, please visit our corporate website.