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College Search Do's and Don'ts

As you tackle the college search process, some things are must do's--but there are also some mistakes that can get in the way of a successful search more

How to Choose a College When You Want to Help People

If you want to get involved with service learning, community outreach, and helping others in college, here's what to look for as you search for more

Application Essay Example #6: The Journey

This is an optional narrative essay a student submitted with her application to Southwestern University, and it helped her gain admission more

What NOT to Do in Your Application Essay

Writing a strong college admission essay can be challenging, but avoiding these common pitfalls will help you create one that stands more

How to Prepare for College Applications Over the Summer (by Grade Level)

Summer is a great time to get ahead on the college search and application process. Here's what you can do whether you're a freshman, sophomore, junior, or read more

Dual Enrollment: The Secret to Getting Ahead in High School

Dual enrollment is a great way to bring your academics to the next level. Here's how you can get ahead by taking college-level courses for credit in high read more

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Q: How many schools should I apply to?

A: It's not the number of schools you apply to that is important. It's the thought and care put into each more

Q: How should college rankings affect my college decision?

A: In short, they probably shouldn't affect your college search all that more

Q: When should I start thinking about colleges?

A: How about right now? You don't have to make a choice, but begin thinking about things like what you want to study, where you would like to go, and what would be important about a more

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Davidson College was founded as a "manual labor" institution in 1837, meaning that students paid for their education by tending crops and livestock. They didn't enjoy the duty much, however, and tuition charges were instated ...

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