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How to Fill Out the Common Application

Applying to college got easier with the Common Application, but the application can still be daunting. Here's a step-by-step guide to filling out the Common read more

5 Scary College Search Mistakes to Avoid

Do you have the college search scaries? Squash those fears and see what mistakes to avoid so the application process doesn't haunt you. read more

Unique Ways to Stand Out on Your College Applications

No one wants to be just another piece of paper when it comes to the college admission process. Here are a few ways to make your application stand out from the read more

Popular College Application Platforms

You've probably heard of the Common, Coalition, and Cappex Applications in your college search. Here's some advice to help you choose which one to apply more

Top College Essay Tips From Admission Insiders

The college essay can help your application, or it can hurt it. You want to stand out in a good way--and these admission experts know how you can do just more

College Search Do's and Don'ts

As you tackle the college search process, some things are must do's--but there are also some mistakes that can get in the way of a successful search more

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Q: What is rolling admission?

A: Rolling admission gives you more options when it comes to applying to college. Schools with rolling admission evaluate applications until all of the available spots are filled for that year. read more

Q: What is the Common Application?

A: Think of the Common Application as the college version of "one-stop shopping." You can upload application materials to send to multiple schools when it comes to more

Q: When should I apply to college?

A: The college application process can elicit feelings of excitement and anxiety. Allow yourself plenty of lead time to complete your applications before the published deadlines. read more

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