Sharon M. Weinstein

Sharon M. Weinstein, M.S., RN, CRNI, FACW, FAAN, is the author of B is for Balance, 12 Steps Toward a More Balanced Life at Work and at Home, and president and founder of SMW Group LLC, Core Consulting Group, and the Global Education Development Institute. She is the author of nine texts and more than 160 peer-reviewed publications. A member of the National Wellness Institute, Infinity Foundation, Chicago Healers, American College of Wellness, American Nurses Association, and American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), Weinstein earned her spot as the go-to professional for education, resources, well-being, and work-life balance. She founded the Integrative Health Forum, which is an interdisciplinary alliance of licensed health care professionals whose mission is to serve the professionals and associations that promote health and well-being in individuals, organizations, and communities around the globe. She is an independent founding member of Alphay, a global health and wellness company. Recently elected to a leadership role within the AHNA and to the board of directors of the National Speakers Association, Weinstein is past president of the Infusion Nurses Society and past chair of the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation. She is a member of the Expert Panel on Global Nursing/American Academy of Nursing.